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IT Support Specialist

at Super Purposes


What we’re looking for:

A teammate that is adaptable to changes in projects and priorities and can handle multiple projects and who is an expert in verbal and written communication, email etiquette, the Internet, and MS Office. He/She/They are highly motivated, detail-oriented, reliable, and an organizational guru. He/She/They can work independently or with minimum supervision and able to attend video conferencing meetings whenever required. And finally, an aspiring IT Specialist.

What the teammate will work on:

  • Configure and assist our teammates with access to our Virtual Office, online scheduler, and creation of official alias.
  • Be efficient in using our Customer Relations Management (CRM) program (Podio) for troubleshooting solutions.
  • Deliver excellent customer service to our teammates by solving technical problems with their email, mobile, Skype, and break/fix incidents involving personal computer issues like storage, spyware, anti-virus, etc.
  • Structure the core Identity & Access Management (IAM) IT processes, including group policies and roles.
  • Work in a team environment to bring new ideas and tech advancement to the company.
  • Work on cybersecurity procedures to protect the company and its digital information.


What the teammate will benefit by:

  • Attaining high-level skills and experience that will help you reach your career goals and immediately increase your prospects for higher-paying, more rewarding jobs.
  • Receiving mentoring on your LinkedIn Profile (and thus, your resume), interviewing skills, and professional goals.
  • Being exposed to the behind-the-scenes view of a virtual national company.
  • Learning how to manage your career and participating in weekly coaching sessions that will help you reach your professional goals.
  • Successful teammates will receive a top-notch letter of recommendation and referrals from our Employment Verification team upon request. Also, we will gladly help you arrange for academic credit if needed.

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